Oracle OAF – How to auto-generate table accessor PKG and java PL/SQL EO Support Class

Step 1: Create Your Table. Step 2: Download Google Tapig. Code can be downloaded here. If you want to see the code first, and peruse the project site, do that here. To download all files involved herein, click tapi-results. Step 3: Needed to fix the google code to handle oracle style tables tapi_spec.sql: CREATE OR […]

PL/SQL String slicer (chunker)

Found this little highly re-used piece to chunk out a long string into an array of shorter strings.¬† Thanks to the original article found here.   SQL> set serveroutput on SQL> SQL> DECLARE 2 TYPE typStringTab IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(200) INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER; 3 vglText VARCHAR2(2000); 4 5 6 — #### ————————————————————– 7 8 9 […]