SQL Script to find Oracle eBS concurrent program details based on partial cp name

–query to get concurrent programs and executable_details in one step… SELECT cp.user_concurrent_program_name, cp.concurrent_program_name, cp.concurrent_program_id, exe.executable_name, exe.execution_file_Name, exe.user_executable_name, lkp.meaning Execution_Method, app.application_short_name, listagg(‘RG=’ ||rgrps.request_group_name || ‘|CODE=’ || rgrps.request_group_code || ‘|’ ||chr(10) ||'(‘ || rgrps.resp_list || ‘)’, ‘, ‘) within GROUP ( ORDER BY rgrps.request_unit_id) rg_list FROM fnd_executables_vl exe, fnd_lookups lkp, fnd_application_vl app, fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, (SELECT DISTINCT gu.request_group_id, […]

cMRO – Finding source for AHL type LOV (called through AhlfLOV.jsp)

The first requirement is to find the name of the title passed into the callLOV() javascript function. For example: I needed to find out what was being called after navigating to:  CMRO Home –> Engineering –> Document Index –> Search –> Source –> LOV Selection popup. Upon clicking the LOV Spyglass next to Source, if […]

SQL to find all OAF Substitutions

The query below is a union between finding all natural BC4J object substitutions (OAF) and the second half which finds Controller (CO) substitutions which are in the form of page Personalizations, and brings them together to display them all as a single list of substitutions. –all substitutions select jdr_mds_internal.getDocumentName(ja.att_comp_docid) SUBSTITUTION_DOC, case when ja2.att_name = ‘customizes’ […]

Custom Top/Application Creation R12 | OracleAPPSDBA & Oracle DBA Blog

SCHEMA NAME : XXERP TOP NAME : XXERP_TOP Application : XXERP Custom Application Data Group : Standard Request Group : XXERP Request Group Menu : XXERP_CUSTOM_MENU Responsibility : XXERP Custom &nbs… Source: Custom Top/Application Creation R12 | OracleAPPSDBA & Oracle DBA Blog Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+

SQL Get All Resps using a specific Concurrent Program

  This query is used to get all responsibilities currently using a given concurrent program, keyed by executable.  Can be slightly tweaked to query by concurrent program name if that is what is known. select concurrent_program_id, re.responsibility_key, re.responsibility_name, re.request_group_id, request_group_name, request_group_code from fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, fnd_executables_vl ex, fnd_request_groups rg, fnd_request_group_units rgu, fnd_responsibility_vl re where cp.executable_id = […]

Why VISION DEMO Appliance slash auth SQLPLUS / as SYSDBA is not working

This post could also be entitled “Setting up the linux user (oracle and applmgr) environments for full functionality at the commandn prompt”. There are multiple .env files located around on the server on this appliance, and only one set of circumstances allows you to authenticate as system or sys or “internal” (/ as sysdba) from […]

SQL to find key Concurrent Program info based on executable name

SELECT concurrent_program_name, user_concurrent_program_name, fv.meaning exec_method_type, cp.description cp_desc, executable_name, e.execution_file_Name, e.user_executable_name, e.description exec_desc FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, fnd_executables_vl e, fnd_lookup_values fv WHERE cp.executable_id = e.executable_id AND e.executable_name  = :exec_name AND fv.lookup_code     = e.execution_method_code AND fv.lookup_type     = ‘CP_EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE’ AND fv.language        = fnd_global.current_language; Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+