Finding the DBC file for an Oracle eBS Instance

in R12 look for the $FND_SECURE env variable. and the .dbc file should already exist in here. If it does not, then it can be generated using the $INST_TOP/admin/install/ script. Oracle Reference: Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+

Implement oracle firewall using valid node checking

When installing the new R12.2.6 Vision VM Template, I quickly ran into an issue where I was able to connect to the database using port 1521 locally, but not from a remote machine.  All networking was in order and ssh, and ping were all indicating good connectivity, but when looking at the listener log, I […]

Oracle OAF – How to auto-generate table accessor PKG and java PL/SQL EO Support Class

Step 1: Create Your Table. Step 2: Download Google Tapig. Code can be downloaded here. If you want to see the code first, and peruse the project site, do that here. To download all files involved herein, click tapi-results. Step 3: Needed to fix the google code to handle oracle style tables tapi_spec.sql: CREATE OR […]

cMRO – Finding source for AHL type LOV (called through AhlfLOV.jsp)

The first requirement is to find the name of the title passed into the callLOV() javascript function. For example: I needed to find out what was being called after navigating to:  CMRO Home –> Engineering –> Document Index –> Search –> Source –> LOV Selection popup. Upon clicking the LOV Spyglass next to Source, if […]

When Attempting to Open the Framework Tutorial in JDeveloper the Following Error Occurs “You Cannot run a Page Which is not SelfSecured When the MAC Fails” (Doc ID 1313526.1)

This error occurs when the OC4J settings have been changed in JDeveloper to use machine name rather than local IP.   View pdf of this MOS doc here. Source: Document Display Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+

How to fix java.lang.unsupportedclassversionerror unsupported major.minor version 49.0 50.0 51.0 in Java

When attempting to build an existing project in Oracle JDeveloper, sometimes this error appears during compilation, especially if you have already copied existing oracle $JAVA_TOP OAF code into the myclasses folder.  In general the cause for this is that some of the “pre-compiled” code included in the myclasses folder (pay special attention to /oracle/apps/fnd/…) was […]