Finding the DBC file for an Oracle eBS Instance

in R12 look for the $FND_SECURE env variable. and the .dbc file should already exist in here. If it does not, then it can be generated using the $INST_TOP/admin/install/ script. Oracle Reference: Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+

Qubes OS – Add programs to available list Managing shortcuts to applications in AppVMs For ease of use Qubes aggregates shortcuts to applications that are installed in AppVMs and shows them in one “start menu” in dom0. Clicking on such shortcut runs the assigned application in its AppVM. To make newly installed applications show up in the menu, use the […]

Implement oracle firewall using valid node checking

When installing the new R12.2.6 Vision VM Template, I quickly ran into an issue where I was able to connect to the database using port 1521 locally, but not from a remote machine.  All networking was in order and ssh, and ping were all indicating good connectivity, but when looking at the listener log, I […]

Solutions for INV_IOI_MASTER_CHILD Errors in Item Import INCOIN (Doc ID 429924.1)

Source: DOC ID 429924.1   In this Document Goal Solution Solution Overview Diagnose Resolve References Applies to: Oracle Item Master – Version and later Information in this document applies to any platform. EXECUTABLE:INCOIN – Import Items FORM:INVIDITM.FMB – Define Item Information This document includes all versions of Oracle EBS 11i and R12 and later […]

Oracle OM Defaulting Rules – Document 414120.1

OM_Defaulting (Discusses how to create custom PL/SQL API source) DEF_RULE Source: Document 414120.1 Oracle Order Management – Version and later Oracle iStore – Version 12.0.6 and later Information in this document applies to any platform. OEXOEORD.fmb, OEXDEFWK.fmb ***Checked for relevance on 27-NOV-2013*** Background docs locally: OM_Defaulting DEF_RULE Purpose Order Management Suite – Defaulting Library […]

HowTo : Determine and Change File Character Encoding | Linux Commands

How to detect and change a file’s character encoding from the command line in Linux. Examples of converting text between: CP1251 (Windows-1251, Cyrillic), UTF-8, ISO-8859-1 and ASCII. Source: HowTo : Determine and Change File Character Encoding | Linux Commands   From the following article you’ll learn how to detect a file’s encoding from the command […]

When a new bare git repo says “does not appear to be a git repo”

If you ever just created a bare git repository to act as a server-side only repo, and then immediately attempt to push a new local repo up to sync the initial version, and you get an error, it is probably caused by the fact that the path specified is a relative path.  if using ssh:// […]

SQL Script to find Oracle eBS concurrent program details based on partial cp name

–query to get concurrent programs and executable_details in one step… SELECT cp.user_concurrent_program_name, cp.concurrent_program_name, cp.concurrent_program_id, exe.executable_name, exe.execution_file_Name, exe.user_executable_name, lkp.meaning Execution_Method, app.application_short_name, listagg(‘RG=’ ||rgrps.request_group_name || ‘|CODE=’ || rgrps.request_group_code || ‘|’ ||chr(10) ||'(‘ || rgrps.resp_list || ‘)’, ‘, ‘) within GROUP ( ORDER BY rgrps.request_unit_id) rg_list FROM fnd_executables_vl exe, fnd_lookups lkp, fnd_application_vl app, fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, (SELECT DISTINCT gu.request_group_id, […]