Oracle OAF – How to auto-generate table accessor PKG and java PL/SQL EO Support Class

Step 1: Create Your Table. Step 2: Download Google Tapig. Code can be downloaded here. If you want to see the code first, and peruse the project site, do that here. To download all files involved herein, click tapi-results. Step 3: Needed to fix the google code to handle oracle style tables tapi_spec.sql: CREATE OR […]

Oracle OEL 3.8 VM Appliance for eBS R12.2.4 – Update to mount cdrom and use to install vbox guest additions and folder shares

Step 1:  Load Virtual Box Guest Additions CD image into machine’s cd drive. This is done by selecting the title bar of the running server and from the top menu, select “Devices –> Insert Guest Additions CD Image…” Step 2:  Determine device name on system of the cd-rom drive. This is done with the command: […]

Fix “Unable to watch path” error in Atom on Linux.

TypeError: Unable to watch path If you get following error with a big traceback right after Atom starts: TypeError: Unable to watch path you have to increase number of watched files by inotify. For testing if this is the reason for this error you can issue sudo sysctl fs.inotify.max_user_watches=32768 and restart Atom. If Atom now […]