Linux/MacOSX reliable one-way sync file tree

The code is here for a linux or mac compatible script that allows for a “new” incoming file tree to superimpose itself on top of an existing file tree.  kind of like rsync, except in a more controlled single-directional way. #!/bin/bash # # Script to integrate full tree of content into existing tree, and find […]

Linux setup eth1 interface with default route to get yum to work

To run an install script successfully, I needed dos2unix to be installed on my linux server (OEL x.x.) for Oracle Vision demo instance. TO SEE physically available eth cards, run: ip link show I have already set up the second interface to be enabled as a bridged adapter in vbox, and setup the ifcfg-eth1 file […]

SQL Get All Resps using a specific Concurrent Program

  This query is used to get all responsibilities currently using a given concurrent program, keyed by executable.  Can be slightly tweaked to query by concurrent program name if that is what is known. select concurrent_program_id, re.responsibility_key, re.responsibility_name, re.request_group_id, request_group_name, request_group_code from fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, fnd_executables_vl ex, fnd_request_groups rg, fnd_request_group_units rgu, fnd_responsibility_vl re where cp.executable_id = […]

Why VISION DEMO Appliance slash auth SQLPLUS / as SYSDBA is not working

This post could also be entitled “Setting up the linux user (oracle and applmgr) environments for full functionality at the commandn prompt”. There are multiple .env files located around on the server on this appliance, and only one set of circumstances allows you to authenticate as system or sys or “internal” (/ as sysdba) from […]

SQL to find key Concurrent Program info based on executable name

SELECT concurrent_program_name, user_concurrent_program_name, fv.meaning exec_method_type, cp.description cp_desc, executable_name, e.execution_file_Name, e.user_executable_name, e.description exec_desc FROM fnd_concurrent_programs_vl cp, fnd_executables_vl e, fnd_lookup_values fv WHERE cp.executable_id = e.executable_id AND e.executable_name  = :exec_name AND fv.lookup_code     = e.execution_method_code AND fv.lookup_type     = ‘CP_EXECUTION_METHOD_CODE’ AND fv.language        = fnd_global.current_language; Twitter Pinterest Reddit Google+

Determine all Responsibility Keys Belonging to a Given User

This post is just to reference the SQL query used to get the responsibilities found under a given username, and other periferal details: SELECT DISTINCT application_short_name, responsibility_key, responsibility_name, r.description, rg.request_group_id, rg.request_group_code, rg.description req_grp_desc FROM fnd_responsibility_vl r, fnd_application_vl ap, fnd_request_groups rg WHERE responsibility_id IN (SELECT responsibility_id FROM fnd_user_resp_groups WHERE user_id IN (SELECT user_id FROM fnd_user WHERE […]

Add personal public RSA key to SSH config on personally controlled server for use with git repository

I do not use Github or to keep remote git repositories for personal use.  I recently downloaded GitKraken for my Mac and wanted to connect it to a repository that I was already using locally at the command line.  This repo remotes to another private server of mine.  But intuitively perusing setting after install, GitKraken […]