Convert Oracle VirtualBox Appliance .ova file to KVM .qcow2 file format

Original Article The Open Virtualization Format (OVF) is an open standard for packaging and distributing virtual appliances for the use in virtual machines. An OVA file is a one file alternative to pack a multi file OVF directory. This is a short example how to convert OVA for the use in a proxmox 2.0 KVM […]

Show REFCURSOR resultset without knowing the SQL statement structure, when passed as an outbound parameter

The fastest way to see the structure of a resultset from a refcursor that is passed out of an Oracle PL/SQL function without reviewing the internal code that created and opened that cursor. Sometimes there are reasons to review the outbound cursor structure visually, like when the package body is obfuscated, or when the sql […]

How to grow a file system with Oracle Linux 6, Vision R12.2.8, using Antsle antlet from vbox appliance.

The bulk of this was found originally on the web at: How to grow a file system with Oracle Linux 6, authored by the admin of that site. Before using the steps to grow the logical volume, it was necessary to increase the size of the virtual disk that resulted from importing the appliance into […]

Qubes OS – Add programs to available list Managing shortcuts to applications in AppVMs For ease of use Qubes aggregates shortcuts to applications that are installed in AppVMs and shows them in one “start menu” in dom0. Clicking on such shortcut runs the assigned application in its AppVM. To make newly installed applications show up in the menu, use the […]